Examples of EDPQS use in this country

The Polish National Bureau for Drug Prevention has been disseminating the EDPQS in Georgia as part of a twinning project on prevention between Poland and Georgia. This has included presenting the EDPQS at the project’s kick-off meeting in Tblisi (29 March 2013), as well as inviting professionals from Georgia to attend educational meetings in Warsaw. It is planned to deliver further training on EDPQS as part of this twinning activity in the future.

Main contact person

To find out more about the EDPQS, please visit the other pages on this website (e.g. the EDPQS Resources page) or contact Artur Malczewski, Polish National Bureau for Drug Prevention (NBDP) (, regarding:

  • General information about the EDPQS
  • Information about EDPQS-specific activities in this country
  • Advice on how to work with the EDPQS
  • Requests for presentations on EDPQS
  • Requests to receive training on EDPQS
  • Requests for permission to provide for-profit training on EDPQS

Other quality standards and guidelines relevant to prevention

  • No information available

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