Locally known as: “Standard di Qualità Europei per la Prevenzione delle Droghe“ (“EDPQS”)

Rachele Donini introduces one of the Italian EDPQS project partners – the Azienda Sanitaria Locale 2 Savonese (ASL 2 Savonese) – and explains what her team appreciated about participating in the EDPQS project

EDPQS materials available in Italian

  • Project postcard
  • Please contact the project partners mentioned below for more information
  • Contattare le persone sottocitate per verificare lo stato di avanzamento nella traduzione dei materiali.

Project-specific activities in this country

  • Recommendations on Quality Management for the Italian Sanitary Local Agencies and the Department for Addictions were used in the development of the EDPQS.
  • As part of the EDPQS Phase I and II projects, Azienda Sanitaria Locale Milano (ASL Milano) and Azienda Sanitaria Locale 2 – Savonese (ASL 2 Savonese) conducted online surveys, focus groups, and pilot training in Italy.
  • The intervention “LST ITALIA in Lombardia – Research and Adaptation project of Botvin Life Skills Training program to Italian culture”, being implemented by Lombardy’s regional drugs observatory Osservatorio Regionale sulle Dipendenze (OreD), served as a case study to explore the practical applicability of the EDPQS.
  • ASL 2 Savonese conducted two working group meetings with stakeholders to help develop EDPQS Toolkit 3.
  • Presentation of EDPQS in relevant professional fora, including local planning meetings as well as international conferences
  • Project meetings in Milan and Savona (July 2009, June 2010, February 2014, February 2015)

Examples of EDPQS use in this country

In Italy, the EDPQS have been used primarily for training purposes. Both project partners have been working with the EDPQS to promote quality in prevention at a regional level in Northern Italy (Liguria and Lombardy regions). Examples of activities undertaken so far:

  • A symposium with prevention professionals at the University of Bergamo on the use of quality standards (September 2010)
  • A seminar series on the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards for students of the University of Genoa (25 hours, November – December 2011)
  • A workshop in Liguria with some 50 regional prevention practitioners, during which they could work through the self-reflection checklist and discuss how the Standards relate to their own practice (November 2012)
  • A session on the EDPQS as part of a series of workshops on “Available tools, sources of data, etc. to improve the quality of drug prevention and health promotion programs” addressed to different professionals from Asl Milan Departments (June-July 2015)
  • Two-day training seminar for students at the University of Genoa, using EDPQS Toolkit 3 (planned for November 2015)

Project partners

The Azienda Sanitaria Locale Milano (ASL Milano) ( and the Azienda Sanitaria Locale 2 – Savonese (ASL 2 Savonese) ( were project partners in the EDPQS Phase I and Phase II projects. For further information, please see the Partnership page.

The Studio Consulenza e Valutazione nel Sociale (CEVAS) was an associate partner in the EDPQS Phase I project.

Main contact persons

For Liguria region: Rachele Donini, ASL 2 Savonese (

For Lombardy region: Corrado Celata, ASL Milano (

Requests from other parts of Italy can be directed to Rachele and/or Corrado

Both partners can be contacted regarding:

  • Information about the institution’s role in the EDPQS project
  • General information about the EDPQS
  • Information about EDPQS-specific activities in this country
  • Advice on how to work with the EDPQS
  • Requests for presentations on EDPQS
  • Requests to receive training on EDPQS
  • Requests for permission to provide for-profit training on EDPQS

Other quality standards and guidelines relevant to prevention

Yes. Please check the EMCDDA’s Best Practice Portal

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