Locally known as: “Eiropas narkomānijas novēršanas kvalitātes standarti”

EDPQS materials available in Latvian

  • The Quick Guide to the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards (EDPQS) has been translated and published by the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control of Latvia
  • Please see the Resources page for all available EDPQS materials

Project-specific activities in this country

There were no special activities in Latvia during the EDPQS Phase I and Phase II projects.

Examples of EDPQS use in this country

The Centre for Disease Prevention and Control of Latvia, in collaboration with EDPQS project partner Artur Malczewski from the Polish National Bureau for Drug Prevention, organised the first EDPQS training event in Latvia on 30 November 2016 (using EDPQS Toolkit 3: Training). See this blog post for more details.

The EDPQS Quick Guide has also been translated into Latvian.

Project partner

There was no official project partner from Latvia in the EDPQS Phase I or Phase II projects. The Polish EDPQS project partner, the Polish National Bureau for Drug Prevention (NBDP), is supporting the Latvian Reitox National Focal Point and the Latvian Ministry of the Interior with the implementation of EDPQS-related activities.

Main contact persons

Ieva Pūgule, Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (, and Agnese Zīle-Veisberga, Ministry of the Interior of Latvia ‎(, can be contacted regarding:

  • General information about the EDPQS
  • Information about EDPQS-specific activities in this country
  • Advice on how to work with the EDPQS
  • Requests for presentations on EDPQS
  • Requests to receive training on EDPQS

You may also contact Artur Malczewski, Polish National Bureau for Drug Prevention (NBDP) ( who has been involved in providing EDPQS training in the Baltic States, in particular regarding:

  • Requests for permission to provide for-profit training on EDPQS

Other quality standards and guidelines relevant to prevention

In 2015, the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union led the development of European minimum standards for drug demand reduction. Please contact Agnese Zīle-Veisberga (contact details above) for more information. You can also find some information in our blog.

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