EDPQS Manual published by the EMCDDA

A manual for prevention professionals

ManualTarget audience and purpose

The Manual will be of interest to those wishing to develop a detailed understanding of the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards (EDPQS). It is essential reading for all professionals working with the issue of quality standards for prevention in a training, policy-making or implementation capacity.

The Manual is of particular value if you wish to:

  • Obtain a thorough understanding of the issue of quality standards for drug prevention
  • Better understand the distinction between basic and expert level standards within the EDPQS
  • Learn more about the background and research that informed the development of the European standards


The EDPQS Manual is also available through the EMCDDA web page where you can also order a hard-copy version in English for free.

Translations into other languages

The Manual is currently available in the following translations (please click on your language to access the corresponding PDF file):

  • Bulgarian (translation by the Bulgarian National Focal Point on Drugs and Drug Addictions)
  • Hungarian (translation by the Hungarian National Focal Point in collaboration with Eötvös Loránd University)
  • Polish (translation by the Polish National Bureau for Drug Prevention)
  • Translations into further languages will be added to this page as they become available. If you are interested in translating the manual, please observe our translation guidelines.

Important note: These documents are translations of the original English language materials. They are provided for the convenience of those who prefer to read in their own language. Although carefully prepared by project partners or other organisations, they have not been formally checked by the original authors. In case of any doubts, we recommend you consult the original English language document as the English text prevails.

About the Manual

The EDPQS Manual was developed by the European Prevention Standards Partnership in collaboration with the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), and was the key output from Phase I of the EDPQS Project. It was developed based on a review and synthesis of existing international and national standards as well as consultations with more than 400 professionals in six European countries. The EDPQS Manual hence offers the first European reference point on high quality drug prevention based on a consensus incorporating scientific evidence and practical experience.

The EDPQS Manual is the key reference work on the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards. It contains the full list of quality standards and explains them in detail. Specific statements within the Manual help to develop and assess the quality of drug prevention. Using the EDPQS project cycle as its structure, the Manual provides a comprehensive insight into the meaning of “quality” in the context of drug prevention, essentially answering the question: what to expect from a high quality drug prevention project?

The Manual illustrates the broad range of standards that can be applied and should be considered in undertaking prevention activities. A total of 35 components of high quality drug prevention work are identified, with basic and expert level standards distinguished for each component. Feedback obtained during the consultations has been translated into ‘implementation considerations’ for each component in the Manual.

From the Contents:

  • Current approaches to drug prevention in Europe
  • Using the quality standards
  • About the quality standards
  • The standards
  • Glossary for use with the European drug prevention quality standards

Since its publication in 2011, the EDPQS Manual has been supplemented with further materials to make its contents accessible for a broad range of professionals and to support a variety of practical applications. If you are looking for more practice-orientated resources, please check the Quick Guide or one of the EDPQS Toolkits.

Suggested citation

Brotherhood A & Sumnall HR (2011) European drug prevention quality standards: a manual for prevention professionals. European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, Manual 7. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. Available from: http://prevention-standards.eu/manual/

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