EDPQS Position Paper

Defining “drug prevention” and “quality”

Position Paper previewTarget audience and purpose

The Position Paper is intended for those wishing to learn about the key concepts behind the EDPQS. It will be of particular interest to health and prevention professionals working at managerial level, including policy-makers. It is also recommended reading for those working with Toolkit 3 or Toolkit 4.

The Paper is of particular value if you wish to:

  • Understand what definition of “drug prevention” is used within the EDPQS
  • Consider what “quality” means in relation to drug prevention
  • Learn about the concepts which informed the development of the EDPQS

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About the EDPQS Position Paper

One of the most common questions about the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards (EDPQS) is what definition of drug prevention is used. The Position Paper answers this question by providing the definition of “drug prevention” as it informed the development of the EDPQS. The concept of “quality” is also discussed, identifying seven principles of high quality drug prevention work.

The paper offers an opportunity to consider the potential for better drug prevention outcomes based on a common understanding of drug prevention. It also highlights the value of aspiring toward high quality drug prevention work.

From the Contents:

  • What are the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards?
  • How do the EDPQS define drug prevention?
  • The EDPQS aim to promote high quality prevention in the EU
  • Ethics is at the heart of the EDPQS
  • The EDPQS take a ‘systems’ view of prevention

The Position Paper provides an insight into the thinking behind the EDPQS, and can  contribute to informing both European and international developments in high quality drug prevention.

The Position Paper was a key output of Phase II of the EDPQS project.

Suggested citation

The European Prevention Standards Partnership (2015) EDPQS Prevention Position Paper: Defining “drug prevention” and “quality”. Liverpool: Centre for Public Health. Available from: http://prevention-standards.eu/position-paper/

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