Presentation of the Prevention Standards at the NIGHTS 2013 “Health, Pleasure & Communities” conference held in Padova, Italy, on September 25th-27th 2013

NEWIPThe conference NIGHTS 2013 was organised through the Nightlife Empowerment & Well-being Implementation Project (NEWIP), comprising a network of European community-based NGOs acting in the nightlife field, nightlife professionals, local and regional authorities and agencies, treatment professionals and scientific researchers. An international conference in scope, the aim of NIGHTS 2013 was to improve the quality of the nightlife scene and the well being of the people inhabiting it; with talks focussing on methods and tools, including quality standards, to ensure safer nights out.

Rachele Donini of ASL 2 Savonese presented the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards (EDPQS) on behalf of the Prevention Standards Partnership in a parallel session entitled “Setting the Standard: Good Practice and Standards for Harm Reduction Interventions in Nightlife Settings”. Besides our presentation, contributions highlighting other guidance for drug prevention interventions were made by Alessandro Pirona (EMCDDA) and John Peter Kools (Foundation Rainbow Group, Netherlands). The session was organised and chaired by Judith Noijen and Floor van Bakkum (Jellinek, Netherlands).

During this session, a draft of the forthcoming NEWIP Standards for nightlife settings was also presented, which have been developed based on the EDPQS. Further information about the NEWIP Standards can be found in our examples of use section.

The session was attended by about 25 participants, mainly practitioners working in the nightlife settings, who engaged in an open and lively discussion following the presentations. Participants emphasised the need for helpful and easy-to-read materials that can support the planning and monitoring of drug prevention interventions. Although all participants highlighted the challenges of having to adhere to quality standards, all recognized the importance of having standards in terms of quality and effectiveness.

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