Resources to support quality in prevention

The European Prevention Standards Partnership was established in 2008 to develop and promote quality standards for drug prevention activities in close collaboration with the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA). As a result of this work, the following resources are now available to support those active in policy and practice.

The materials will be particularly useful to members of the drug prevention and health promotion community who wish to:

  • Learn about the quality standards that should be applied to drug prevention work
  • Promote quality in drug prevention
  • Assure, review and develop the quality of drug prevention work
  • Find out more about the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards (EDPQS) project

This page provides a brief overview of all available materials. First you’ll find general resources on EDPQS, followed by Toolkits tailored to the needs of different professional groups (e.g. decision-makers, practitioners, trainers). There are also two documents to introduce the concepts and ideas behind EDPQS. Finally, you will find project reports and other materials. Besides these materials, please also explore the rest of this website for more information about the European Prevention Standards Partnership, the EDPQS research projects, country-specific information, upcoming presentations, related initiatives, and much more. At the bottom of this page, you will find a note concerning the available EDPQS translations.

You can access the materials alongside more detailed information by clicking on the links below.

ManualEDPQS Manual – the key resource on EDPQS, essential if you would like to access the full list of quality standards
Quick_Guide_previewQuick Guide to EDPQS – a shortened version of the Manual including a checklist; ideal if you don’t have much time and want to obtain a general overview before committing more time
Summary previewA Brief Summary – if you are looking for a handout or a brief PowerPoint presentation about EDPQS
Toolkit 1 previewEDPQS Toolkit 1: Funding & Decision-Making – if you are a decision-maker, funder, commissioner, or other person in charge of selecting quality drug prevention initiatives for funding or other forms of support
Toolkit 2 preview with webEDPQS Toolkit 2: Self-Assessment & Reflection – if you are a service manager, programme developer or front-line practitioner wishing to review and improve the quality of your prevention activities
Toolkit 3 previewEDPQS Toolkit 3: Training – if you would like to deliver training to support the use and implementation of quality standards
Toolkit 4EDPQS Toolkit 4: Adaptation and Dissemination – if you would like to translate or adapt EDPQS materials, develop your own quality standards, or promote the use of quality standards from a strategic point of view
Position Paper previewEDPQS Position Paper – if you would like to know more about the concepts of “drug prevention” and “quality” as they informed the development of EDPQS
Theory of Change previewEDPQS Theory of Change – if you would like to know how the introduction of quality standards can lead to better outcomes for target populations
questions-answers-thumbQuestions and Answers – if you have any questions about the EDPQS, you will probably find the answer here
Website previewThe EDPQS website: – if you require more information about this web page
online annex previewOnline Annex to Manual – during the EDPQS Phase I project, we produced additional guidance including implementation considerations. These materials have now been superseded by the Toolkits presented above but if interested you can still access them from the EMCDDA web page.
methods_report_coverReports and other materials – if you would like to view other materials produced during Phase I or Phase II of the EDPQS project

A note on translations

On these pages you will also find translations of the EDPQS materials where available. EDPQS materials are now available in more than ten languages. Some EDPQS materials have been translated by members of the European Prevention Standards Partnership, using their own funds or (where appropriate) funding provided by the European Union under the EDPQS Phase II project. Some EDPQS materials have been translated by organisations not represented in the European Prevention Standards Partnership, using their own funds. You can find the respective information in the actual documents. We are grateful to all colleagues who have made possible these translations and thus supported dissemination of the EDPQS in different countries.

Please note that in case of any discrepancy, the original English language version prevails. In case of any doubt, we recommend checking the English version in addition to the translated version.

If you know of any translations not listed here or on the respective country page, please contact us so we may include them. If you would like to translate any EDPQS materials, please observe our translation guidelines.

Can’t seem to find what you’re looking for? Please contact us.