A Brief Summary

The Need for Quality in Drug Prevention – Good intentions are not enough!

Summary previewTarget audience and purpose

The summary is for anyone within the drug prevention community looking for an introduction to drug prevention and quality standards. It could be of particular use to those who are already aware of the EDPQS and who wish to raise awareness of EDPQS with their managers or other colleagues.

The summary is of particular value if you wish to:

  • Obtain a quick overview of what the EDPQS are about
  • Raise an initial awareness of the issue of quality in drug prevention
  • Introduce and motivate interest in EDPQS through a short and concise document and/or presentation


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About the EDPQS summary

A preview of the PowerPoint presentation “EDPQS in 10 minutes”

One of the most common requests during and after Phase I of the EDPQS project was for a very short summary of the EDPQS that could be used as a handout when communicating about quality standards in drug prevention.

The Prevention Standards Partnership therefore prepared a two page summary providing a general introduction and overview of the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards (EDPQS), including the project cycle. It is intended as a useful starting point to respond to questions such as:

  • What do we mean by drug prevention and quality?
  • What are the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards?

This resource also includes a brief PowerPoint presentation that can be used to present and introduce the EDPQS and the issue of quality standards in drug prevention in 5-10 minutes.

The summary was a key output of Phase II of the EDPQS project.

Suggested citation

The European Prevention Standards Partnership (2015) EDPQS: A Brief Summary. Liverpool: Centre for Public Health. Available from: http://prevention-standards.eu/summary/

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