EDPQS Toolkit 1: Funding & Decision-Making

Selecting quality drug prevention initiatives for funding and support

Toolkit 1 previewTarget audience and purpose

This Toolkit is for decision-makers (including policy-makers, policy-managers, policy-officers, commissioners and funders) working in the field of drug prevention or health promotion at national, regional, county or local administrative levels.

Toolkit 1 is of particular value if you wish to:

  • Consider key issues for supporting quality in drug prevention from the decision-maker’s perspective
  • Assess whether initiatives proposed for funding or other forms of support are likely to be of high quality
  • Review already funded initiatives or programmes with a view to assuring their quality


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About EDPQS Toolkit 1

Katalin Felvinczi, Eötvös Loránd University, introduces EDPQS Toolkit 1 and explains how it was developed and how it can be used.

This Toolkit is intended to assist the decision-making process by considering:

  • What does quality mean in drug prevention
  • Why is quality important
  • How to achieve quality within drug prevention programmes

It aims to help decision-makers, including policy-makers, funders and commissioners, to assure quality in the drug prevention activities they support, or which they have been asked to consider for funding or other forms of investment. Special attention is given to topics such as needs assessment, evaluation, and the ethics of decision-making in drug prevention.

The Toolkit is structured in four sections:

  • An Overview
  • Policy Guide – Part 1: Challenges in selecting high quality prevention initiatives
  • Policy Guide – Part 2: Key issues for promoting high quality in drug prevention
  • An Assessment Quality Criteria Checklist

Some of the key messages within the Policy Guide include:

  • Ineffective programmes and approaches should not be funded, even if they are considered popular
  • It is better to finance a smaller number of high quality programmes with a realistic budget rather than a large number of vaguely elaborated programmes which may have a low budget but also no or unwanted effects
  • It is important to have transparent selection and funding mechanisms that encourage quality, including needs assessment and evaluation

The Assessment Quality Criteria Checklist is an aid to help decision-makers review and select drug prevention activities in a systematic way. It can be used in everyday practice to help assess project proposals in the funding decision-making process, as well as during the follow-up of the implementation of already supported activities. Toolkit users are encouraged to adapt this tool to meet local requirements.

EDPQS Toolkit 1 was a key output of Phase II of the EDPQS project.

Suggested citation

Felvinczi K, Sebestyén E, Mutatayi C, Malczewski A & the European Prevention Standards Partnership (2015) EDPQS Toolkit 1: Selecting quality drug prevention initiatives for funding and support (“Funding and Decision-Making Toolkit”). Liverpool: Centre for Public Health. Available from: http://prevention-standards.eu/toolkit-1/

If you have any questions about this toolkit, please contact us.